Dr. Ritsuko Crabb has retired

I want to thank all of the patients who, for 33 years, allowed me to help them as a Chiropractor. Seeing people whom I have helped live happier healthier lives has been a major source of joy and inspiration in my life.

As of September 30, 2022, Crabb Chiropractic Clinic is permanently closed.

I used to say that "I want to continue helping my patients as long as I am physically able". However, being in my early 70's, I began to rethink the logic of that stated goal.

I decided that it is best if I retire while I am still in good health, because if I wait until I am approaching the point of being no longer "physically able" to practice, then I am afraid that the quality of health care that I provide to my patients would be diminished, and that is something that I just cannot allow to happen. Also, as Bob and I get older, we realize that the time that we are able to spend together is more precious than ever before. With both of us being in our early 70's, we are both very fortunate to still be in good health, and we want to be able to spend more of our time together.

Therefore, for those reasons, I decided to retire and to permanently close my practice, effective 9/30/2022. I encourage all of my former patients to seek the services of another licensed Chiropractor.

For patients whom I have treated within the past six years, if your current Chiropractor needs information regarding your treatment at my practice, he or she may send a request via regular mail to:

Ritsuko Crabb, DC
PO Box 601
Bettendorf, IA 52722

As always, wishing you happiness and good health,

Ritsuko Crabb, DC